Jay Padinjaredath

  1. Agile
    I first peaked into the world of iterative development in 2000 when Bhavin Kamani introduced me to Kent Beck's XP Explained. This book taught me why I had failed to delivery projects in a predictable manner and what to do to minimize the risks associated with building software as well as the practices that help us to build software right.
  2. Global
    I have had the privilege to live and work in 5 continents. This has allowed me to develop an empathy towards various cultures and an understanding of people. Global also means working with distributed teams across timezones that while can be challenging also has huge benefits if its done right.
  3. Mobile Apps
    I have worked with the team that builds the Webby award winning Expedia booking app that includes a team of iOS and Android developers. For the last two years we have release features to our customers at an ever increasing pace, right now releasing weekly. Our focus is on building software better using engineering practices like TDD, pair programming and UI automation.
  4. Teams
    Building teams with trust through the principles of openness, honesty and integrity goes far beyond introducing recruitment practices. This requires many many conversations and interactions and using those to demonstrate that each one of us is a snowflake that can contribute to creating something larger than all of us.
  5. Servant Leadership
    I am here to serve. I am here to remove the impediments that get in the way of creating great work. This helps create powerful teams that is vibrant and cares for the end product that makes companies successful. Empowering each individual by creating a
  6. ecommerce
    I have worked with large retailers - Converse, Williams-Sonoma, The Body Shop, Urban Outfitters, Staples, Kodak and smaller ones like Bluefly and ghd. A lot of the work involved replacing and improving the technology powering these sites and also Agile transformation and personalization using machine learning.