Jay Padinjaredath




Software developer working for Wisdom Information Consultants, a Netherlands based boutique consultancy built on the learnings of Ricardo Semler of Maverick and Semco.
This is when I first got into enterprise web applications initially using Oracle Web Services and then the Microsoft stack of IIS/ASP/SQL Server.
This is also when I transitioned to a Project Manager role.
MBA from the Melbourne Business School, widely considered to be the top business school in the Asia Pacific region.
The degree in general management introduced me to economics, finance and my personal favourite - game theory.



Introduced to the world of iterative development by Martin Fowler at a conference, joined Thoughtworks and learnt a lot about software projects, teams and the art and science of consulting.
This is where I also learnt the value of building a company around strong engineers, and servant leadership.
Ten years of consulting delivering projects with globally distributed teams, agile practices with a strong focus in the ecommerce domain. Tacit Knowledge provided me with the opportunity to live and work in three of my favourite cities, San Francisco, New York and London.


Currently I am responsible for the development efforts of three different areas - (1) the team that builds the web award winning Expedia Booking iOS and Android apps and the Expedia Apple Watch app that generate > $1bn in revenue, (2) our cross-sell attach team and (3) our real time reviews team. I manage and grow a team of over 100 FTE across developers, testers, project managers and business analysts through reporting managers.